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Best of ChemEd

Free AACT Summer Symposium: July 27 to 29, 2021

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ChemEd 2025

Summer 2025 in Colorado

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ChemEd community is gathering online

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Best of ChemEd in summer 2021

Planned by ChemEd 2023 & ChemEd 2025 committees with AACT

    “Best of ChemEd” free summer AACT symposium, ChemEd 2023 returns to Canada and ChemEd 2025 in Colorado!

    Covid update: After many discussions and looking at our current Covid-19 situation in North America, a decision about ChemEd 2021 has been made. To keep everyone safe we will be having a slightly different, though no less informative ChemEd this year. We plan to have a version of ChemEd 2021, but it will be part of the free American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) Virtual Summer Symposia.  You will be invited to Guelph, Ontario, Canada but in 2023!  We will be following all the Covid protocols and procedures from the University of Guelph. Let us know how you are doing during this unprecedented time. Reach out to us via email and/or Twitter.  

    This biennial conference is the largest for educators involved in teaching high school and introductory chemistry in North America. It is an opportunity for teachers and educators to gather together for five days to learn and exchange their teaching ideas in a friendly and motivating environment. In recent years, the conference attendance has ranged from 400 to 800 teachers and educators.

    In 2021, ChemEd will take place virtually as “Best of ChemEd” AACT Summer Symposium. In 2023, ChemEd will return to a university campus allowing for hands on labs, workshops and demonstrations, along with the variety of events focused on teaching chemistry. It is a chance to be part of a community of dedicated and involved science teachers and educators.

    The 27th ChemEd comes to Guelph, back to Canada where it began in 1973. The first ChemEd was at the University of Waterloo and after 50 years, the conference has matured having established many ChemEd traditions, such as the Reg Friesen lecture, an ice cream social, children/family program, Mole Day breakfast and Mole Stroll/Run. The end-of-conference celebration showcasing the hosting community was a tradition that began in its inaugural year.